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Motor Route Tubes

We manufacture newspaper delivery tubes in two sizes to meet your needs.

Our Premium Tubes are the best fit for full-size newspapers. We also offer
Value Tubes which are designed for smaller newspapers as well as TMC
publications. We are proud to provide a warranty of six years on all of our
motor route tubes.

Our high quality motor route tubes are manufactured to withstand extreme
hot and cold temperatures. We use a specially formulated color package
to provide a bright new look for years. This antioxidant package is bound
with the polymer during the molding process. An ultraviolet (UV) protection
package is added to shield your motor route tubes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Our newspaper tube features also include a reinforced opening for added
strength. Raised runners are molded inside the tubes to keep newspapers
slightly elevated above any dew or moisture inside the tube.

Hot-stamping technology is used to imprint your single-color or multi-color
logo on both sides of each newspaper tube. We also offer new reflective logo
options to improve visibility and help promote your newspaper.

Angle BracketsAngle Brackets are included with all motor route tube orders. We were the first and still the only manufacturer to offer a four-way mounting system. This unique design is very
universal and easy to install.


Premium Tubes and Value Tubes are available in the following standard colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Sand, Gray, Black.

Custom colors may be available upon request.

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