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Hot Dots

Hot Dots are vinyl plastic stickers. They produce exceptionally bright reflections which increase visibility to motorists from long to short distances. Hot Dots appear brightest to motorists from the critical viewing range of 100 to 600 ft.

Hot Dots are ideal for marking drop boxes or color coding motor route tubes.  Hot Dots can be used to mark starts and stops. They can represent a customer’s subscription type such as daily or weekend. Different colors may also be used to differentiate publications within the same delivery area.

Hot Dots are the most reflective marker available.

Hot Dots are made from tough, flexible, UV stabilized, weather-resistant polymeric film with integrally bonded micro prism elements.  This highly flexible and extremely durable material is designed to withstand rugged outdoor and multi-purpose use. The material is abrasion resistant and retro reflects its color even when wet.

Hot Dots are available in 11 vivid colors as shown, including several fluorescent colored options.

Each sheet contains 64 Hot Dots with 1” diameter.

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Click on the hot dots for a larger view:
Red Hot Dots #12 Red Hot Dots #12
Fluorescent Pink Hot Dots #22 Fl. Pink Hot Dots #22
Fluorescent Red Orange Hot Dots #13 Fl. Red Orange Hot Dots #13
Fluorescent Orange Hot Dots #24 Fl. Orange Hot Dots #24
Orange Hot Dots #17 Orange Hot Dots #17
Yellow Hot Dots #18 Yellow Hot Dots #18
Fluorescent Lime Yellow Hot Dots #20 Fl. Lime Yellow Hot Dots #20
Fluorescent Green Hot Dots #21 Fl. Green Hot Dots #21
Green Hot Dots #27 Green Hot Dots #27
Blue Hot Dots #23 Blue Hot Dots #23
White Hot Dots #15 White Hot Dots #15




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